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Wide-ranging Lead Safe Services:
Complete Lead Safe home repair, remodel, renovation and painting services for Section-8 Housing Program we assist both Tenants and Landlords. We are local Cleveland, Ohio Lead Safe Contractors with many years of experience in numerous industries with extensive field experience. Reliable, Courteous, Responsive, Local Cleveland, Ohio Lead Safe General Contractors; no lead safe repair or renovation job is to small or too large please call us for assistance, we will come out to review your question and or concern.

Some common Questions that many of our clients have are listed below. Have more questions or don't see an answer call one of our professionals today (440) 461-0050. Let us help you identify and handle your potential hazards.

Q.Have you recently received notice from local/county/state departments?
A.It is important to identify which risk you may have received the notice for. Further it is important to identify which government department issued the lead risk notice. Speak with one of our lead specialist (440) 461-0050

Q. Do you own or rent a section 8 home and you have received a notice from a government agency?
A. If you rent please contact us, we will help you communicate with your landlord to resolve any and all concern or questions. (440) 461-0050

A. If you own a section 8 home do not hesitate to call we offer comprehensive free estimates, we are local.

Q. Do you require a Lead Safe Certified Contractor to complete any home repair?
A. Every General Contractor, Plumber, Roofer, Electrician must be Lead Safe and EPA Certified as of April 2010. Our specialist are not only Lead Safe and EPA Certified specialist but we are State Certified Licensed Lead Abatement Contractors Insured and Bonded.

Q. Have paint chips inside or around your home?
A. Paint chip inside or outside of the home is a potential lead hazard especially if the home was built before 1978. We advise calling (440) 461-0050 our trained professionals will assist you right away. It is critical to stem your lead problem and contain it, this way you are preemptively handling the problem before it becomes excessive.

Q. Do you require work to be completed within a specific time frame?
A. Our Local Cleveland, Ohio Lead Safe Renovation, Repair and Painting Specialist offer expedited services to help accommodate any necessary time frame.

Q. Do you need a Certified Lead Safe Contractor and a Complete Lead Risk Assessment Clearance after any Renovation, Remodel and Painting Project?
A. We offer complete Remodel, Repair and Paint service with an executed Lead Risk assessment clearance after we complete any Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program project. Simply call any of our Lead-Safe agents with any questions: (440) 461-0050.

Q. What if I am a homeowner or Investor and reside outside of the greater Cleveland, Ohio area?
A. Our concierge Lead-Safe specialist can help you through the entire Lead Safe Renovation, Remodel, Repair or Painting concern through a comprehensive digital communication portal, which is groomed for every out-of-state client. All of our agents are trained to communicate and keep the client aware and involved throughout the entire project through the assistance of the digital on-line portal. We offer an exclusive Lead Safe Repair, Remodel, Renovation service which no other local Cleveland, Ohio EPA certified contractor can offer.

Lead Resources:

Section 8 – Website


United States Environmental Protection Agency - EPA

National Center for Healthy Housing  National Center for Healthy Housing

Office of Healthy Homes and Lead Hazard Control

Cuyahoga County Lead Safe

Lake County

Geuga County

Ohio Department of Health Lead Resource

WN Network

NOAA National Weather Service

CMHA Section 8 (The Housing Choice Voucher Program) approved contractor which complies with all of the requirements of the recently introduced legislation regarding lead safe removal of paint or coverings containing lead or lead-based products.

For complete home remodeling, repair, renovation and painting services for Section-8 Housing Program for both tenants and landlords, Smartland has had many years of experience in numerous industries with extensive field experience, and a reliable courteous response is assured.

Under the terms of the Section 8 Housing Program, Smartland will assist both the landlord AND tenant in safe removal of lead-based coverings.

The company is an EPA Certified RRP renovator within the guidelines of the new legislation; however, it is not particularly easy for many private tenants, landlords and owners and users of real estate covered by the law to understanding the regulations if they have not had issues with it in the past.

Not only does Section 8 of the U.S. Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 require landlords AND tenants to ensure the safe removal of all lead-based products within any real estate, the act makes it clear that prosecution will follow those people not seen to be applying lead safe-removal practices.

Smartland will send an operative to the premises in question where remodeling or renovation is required to take place and test the samples of the surfaces to see whether the existing paint or other covering is lead based. Lead-based paint or covering will require safe removal procedures; however, non-toxic paint or covering is safe to remove normally.

CMHA takes seriously the safety of all the tenants and users of all real estate within their purview and understands the need for safe removal and disposal of toxic products such as lead-based paint. The older the real estate, the more chance of finding lead-based paint and other toxic products involved in the construction and completion.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program of the U.S. Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 requires all tenants and landlords to ensure the safe removal of lead-based paints; to this end, Smartland is an EPA certified RRP Renovator and is and is authorized by CMHA to carry out the safe removal and disposal of all lead-based products in the Cuyahoga Metro Housing Authority catchment area that is covered by the legislation.


We were very pleased with how these guys were able to facilitate communication with insurance adjuster and promptly reroof our home, thank you!
- Gregg, Pepper Pike
Very reasonable pricing! Outstanding effort! Quality materials, very professional approach and done in timely manner.
- Anthony K., Lakewood
I would recommend Smartland to anyone who wants to have their roof done right and with a 30 years warranty, thank you guys!
- Judith R., Beachwood




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