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At Smartland, our experts specialize in working directly with your bank or lender to streamline the entire FHA 203k loan process for you. Below is how we will help you reap all the benefits the FHA 203k Loan Program has to offer:


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  • Work & Communicate Directly with Your Bank or Lender
  • Facilitate All Documentation for Your Bank or Lender
  • Perform & Complete Work Professionally & Efficiently
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Understand the Full Benefits of the FHA 203K Program

If you are in the process of purchasing a real estate owned (REO) home or bank foreclosure in Cleveland or anywhere else in Northeast Ohio, you should consider the FHA 203k program if the home needs rehabilitation or renovation work.

The FHA 203k program offers many advantages, but like any loan program there are some confusing aspects involved with it, so don’t feel like you have to navigate the process alone. Smartland is an FHA 203k program certified renovation contractor specializing in working with banks and lenders while you go through the FHA 203k program. After the 203k home improvement loan is approved and construction on the FHA 203k design-build project begins, the project then becomes like a traditional remodeling project. At Smartland, we’ll work with you every step of the way, and make sure all the repairs are done to your complete satisfaction. We work quickly and hit our timelines so that you can move into your new home as soon as possible.

The FHA 203k program gives you access to a government-backed loan that allows you to keep your savings AND remodel your new home. This is a truly powerful program for new homeowners!

  • Low-Interest Rates — Many rehab loans in the commercial marketplace can be very expensive. With the FHA 203k program, you know that you’re getting a fair interest rate.
  • Tax Deductible — Interest on the FHA 203k program (as well as any other FHA loan) is tax deductible.
  • Great For “Fixer-Uppers” — The FHA 203k program will allow you to qualify for a home purchase and refinance, while many other programs will not. You can get a house at a much lower price than you normally would be able to on the open market.

The FHA 203k program is beneficial to buyers looking for a home, lenders looking to unload properties and also to the housing market as a whole. The more properties that are repaired, the better a neighborhood or city will look. This, in turn, makes a location more favorable to rebuild and develop. If you’re ready to buy, this program is a wonderful way for you to take advantage of a program meant to help new homeowners like you.

Smartland is one of the top 203k contractors in Cleveland and throughout Northeast Ohio, and we’re experts in 203k design-build, 203k kitchen, 203k bathroom, and 203k construction projects. Contact us today so you can start reaping the rewards of this amazing program.

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